Couples Therapy

My definition of a couple is two people who consider themselves to be in a romantic relationship. Couples counseling is one of the most rewarding and challenging aspects of my practice. My hope is that couples will begin the counseling process before they are in crisis so that they can heal sooner. A couple who has had the same argument three times with little or no movement towards resolution is an excellent candidate for couples counseling. Throughout the couples counseling process, the dynamic between both parties will be explored in addition to each person’s contribution to that dynamic. No one will be labeled as being the “right” person or the “wrong” person. We are all a mixture of right and wrong choices and keeping score is never going to lead to a healthy relationship. We will briefly explore family of origin experiences and use those experiences to address current patterns. Couples often struggle with the feeling of not being listened to, combined with the tendency to assume what the other person is thinking or feeling. Couples who work with me will learn techniques to encourage listening and avoid making assumptions.



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