Post-divorce Recovery

Divorce is overwhelming and difficult for everyone involved. The post-divorce recovery program is intended for anyone who is trying to rebuild a life after divorce. Often times in a divorce, one person feels surprised and bewildered by what went wrong and why the other person did not want to try and work it out. Deep feelings of rejection and low self-worth can seriously inhibit a person’s ability to recover from a divorce. If children are involved, it can be difficult to avoid bad-mouthing the other parent to the children. It is imperative that a person in this situation attend this program so that he/she has an outlet for the barrage of feelings that a divorce can cause. Recovery from divorce can only happen when the person has the opportunity to express him/herself authentically and learn the difference between accountability and blaming oneself. Please note that I am not willing or able to testify regarding custody issues and this program is not intended for that purpose.



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